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June is Scoliosis awareness month, but many people have no idea what scoliosis is, or they think it is a huge disability. Scoliosis is a condition where the spine twists and curves to the side. Approximately 2 to 3% of the population has scoliosis and it usually appears in the teen years. For some reason, it appears more in girls than in boys. Some cases are treated with spinal fusion surgery, and some are treated with braces to help prevent the curve from progressing.

No matter what treatment is chosen, it can be so hard for the teen to deal with this diagnosis.

These two women, Jo and Faith, have been friends for years and are bonded by their mutual love of horses and their shared scoliosis diagnosis.

Scoliosis has not stopped either of them. They both have their own businesses, actively ride and train horses, they model (and in their modelling photos you would never know that they have scoliosis!), and one is even a mom. Scoliosis does affect their day to day life, but they don't let it stop them!

Scoliosis spinal curve without surgery
Scoliosis curve

Scoliosis spinal fusion scar
Scoliosis surgery scar

Woman with scoliosis riding a horse, living an active life
Having scoliosis does not keep you from living an active life.

Woman with scoliosis and had spinal fusion surgery riding a horse.
With or without surgery, you can have an active life.

A bare back showing scoliosis spinal fusion surgery scar
Spinal fusion scar

Even with scoliosis you can model

Scoliosis doesn't keep you from your dreams and modelling

Picture of a model who has scoliosis
Even with scoliosis you can become a published model

Model with scoliosis wearing a purple pink long flowing dress in a field of lavender.
Scoliosis cannot keep you from your dreams


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