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What to Wear for Your Getting Ready Shots

There’s nothing quite as exciting as waking up on your wedding day and experiencing all the happy moments leading up to “I Do.”

Your getting ready shots are something special so it’s important to plan out the finer details ahead of time such as what you and your bridesmaids are going to wear while you have your hair and makeup done.

There are so many lovely options to choose from when it comes to deciding what to wear before you put your wedding dress on. Below are a few ideas.

A bride and her friends are in silk robes, kneeling on a bed and having a fun pillow fight.

Monogrammed Pajamas

Have you ever noticed that monograms make nearly anything look classier? Your initials can be elegantly embroidered onto a pair of pajamas as the perfect reminder of the two families that will be joining together. Monograms can be added to almost any garment really so take your pick. Choose pajamas that make you feel the most beautiful and comfortable

A bride and her bride's maids  wearing robes and striped pyjamas are holding hands and jumping on a bed.

Cute Tank Tops

Sometimes a cute, simple tank top is all you need for amazing photos. Pick a fun, girly design or buy a shirt with the word ‘bride’ on the front. You could also get matching tank tops for your bridesmaid for those fun group shots. Tank tops can easily be taken off without ruining your hair and makeup. They’re also really affordable so if you want to be extra careful you can even cut it off once you’re ready to put your wedding dress on.

A bride and her bride's maids are sitting on a floor around a coffee table on a white fluffy rug.  They are wearing shorts and tank tops.

Satin Robes

There’s a reason this is the quintessential choice for brides as they get ready for their weddings. Satin robes are feminine and delicate, and instantly make you feel more pampered and regal, even if you are wearing your usual pair of pajamas underneath one.

A bride is opening a garment bag and looking at her wedding dress.  We see the bride from behind and her silk robe says Mrs Robinson

Floral Rompers

If you’re looking for something that looks beautiful and is very easy to take off once you’ve had your hair and makeup done, why not consider a floral romper for you and your bridesmaids?

Your wedding day is all about you so wear whatever you feel most comfortable and confident in. Wear something that speaks to your personality too. If it’s not ‘you’, you’ll end up feeling uncomfortable and this might come through in your photos.

A violet haired bride wearing a tiara is sitting on a bed and surrounded by her attendants who are wearing pink floral robes.

A bride and her bride's maids are facing a set of sliding doors with their backs to the camera.  Their arms are interlinked and we see them in their getting ready robes.



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