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Tips for Great Wedding Photos, Even If It's Raining

Tips for Great Wedding Photos, Even If It's Raining

Rain on your wedding day is one of the biggest fears of many soon to be couples but you don't have to let a little rain get in the way of taking unforgettable photos. The rain can actually add a beautiful and romantic element to your images. Here are three things to keep in mind if the rain clouds happen to roll in on your big day.

3 Tips For Rainy Wedding Day Photography

1. Have a Positive Attitude

Yes, it’s a bummer when the weather doesn't cooperate with you on your wedding day but that doesn't mean your whole day is ruined! If you have a negative outlook on the rain these expressions will show through in your wedding photos. Keep a positive mindset and pay attention to your body language.

London Ontario wedding photography photographer
They say rain on your wedding day is good luck!

2. You can Always Find Plenty of Places to Stay Dry.

Awnings, porches and even the protection of tree branches can shield you from the rain and provide the perfect backdrop. Chances are your photographer has already scouted out the area and made note of areas that can be used for these purposes. You also have the options of incorporating umbrellas into your portraits. Umbrellas make great props for portraits and you can personalize them to display you name, initials, or wedding date.

London Ontario wedding photography photographer  Fanshawe Pioneer Village
Finding a covered area like a porch can still let you get some great photos

3. Keep Your Activities as Planned.

Many couples consider forgoing some of the scheduled shots because of the rain. But the rain can actually enhance the images and result in picture-perfect settings. The rain serves as a beautiful natural backdrop and the overcast clouds are ideal for outdoor lighting. It also gives your surroundings a boost in saturation so the colors around you really stand out. Not to mention all the glimmer of light it can reflect for an enchanting setting. So before you write off these outdoor portraits talk to your photographer and let them work their magic.

If you are really against the idea of shooting in the rain speak with your photographer and the venue about setting up a time to come back to do bride and groom portraits. Otherwise, don't let the rain get you down on your wedding day. Embrace it and trust that your photographer has all the tools and creative mindset to capture you beautifully in the not so ideal elements.

London ontario wedding photography photographer
Rainy day photos can be so much fun!

London ontario wedding photography photographer
You can get some very creative photos in the rain.



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