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The Father-Daughter Wedding Photos Brides Shouldn't Miss Out On

There is nothing quite as heart-warming as the connection between a father and a daughter, especially on her wedding day. There are so many moments throughout your wedding day that involve your dad, but there are a handful that should definitely be on your shot list.

- The first look. Capturing your father’s reaction to seeing you in your dress for the first time is a must. If there is one father daughter photo to add to your list, it’s this one.

A behind view of a bride tapping her father on his shoulder in their "first look"

A dad getting a first look at his beautiful daugher in her wedding dress.

- The post-look portrait. After your photographer captures your father’s natural reaction to your dress, pose for a portrait with him. This can be a really moving and emotional portrait that you can treasure forever.

A bride and her dad posing for a photo after their "first look"

- The hand kiss. You will always be your dad’s little princess, so grab a shot of your father holding and kissing your hand before he gives you away.

- The embrace. Another option is to capture a warm embrace with your dad. This is another shot that you can treasure for years to come.

A black and white photo of a bride attaching a boutineer on her father's lapel

- The tie. To involve your dad in more photos during the getting-ready process, grab a few shots of you tying his tie or bowtie for him.

A bride attaching a boutineer to her father's suit jacket on her wedding day.

- The walk down the aisle. This must-have shot is always beautiful. Not only does it capture this moment with your father but the emotions you feel as he guides you down the aisle towards your partner. You should also definitely get a shot of your dad lifting your veil, if you decide to have one.

A father walking his daughter down the aisle  on her wedding day at The Wildflower Ranch in St. Thomas, Ontario

A father pushing his daughter, the bride, down the aisle in her wheel chair on her wedding day.

A father lifting his daughter's veil after he has taken her down the aisle at her wedding.

- The dance. Lastly, if you’re planning to dance with your dad, make sure your photographer knows to capture this moment.

A father and daughter sharing their father/daughter dance at her wedding.

A father and daughter's dance at her wedding.

If your dad is one of the most important people in your life, speak to your photographer about other photo ideas for your big day.



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