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Should You Have a "First Look"?

Why You Should Consider Having A “First Look”

The first look is a highly popular addition to many weddings day timelines. The first look or sneak peek is the moment when the bride and groom see each other for the first time on their wedding day. No guests, no distractions. It is a very special moment that the bride and groom share that the photographer(s) capture with little to no interruptions.

Bride is standing behind her groom who is looking away from her and tapping him on the shoulder under the arch at The Old Court House in London, Ontario

Groom is turning around to get a first look at his bride standing under the arch at The Old Court House in London, Ontario

Unlike the traditional reveal of the bride walking down the aisle as being the time when the couple sees each, the first look is a more intimate moment shared between just the bride and groom. You can actually look into each other’s eyes, which only makes the moment more genuine. The bride isn’t worried about not tripping down the aisle, the groom isn’t trying to hold it together in front of all their guest, it is a moment when the two of you can really take in and savor the moment of seeing each other just before you say your ‘I do’s’.

Bride and groom are doing a first look before their vows.  The bride is walking up behind the groom in the apple orchard at Bellemere Winery in London, Ontario

The first look captures the initial reaction of the bride and groom and allows the two to act naturally when seeing each other for the first time. You can cry, laugh, hug, kiss and just simply be in the moment without having all your guests around. This not only yields beautiful one of a kind images but will also leave you with some spare time to capture a few more couple’s images just after this tender moment.

Bride is walking up to her groom who has his back to her and the camera.  They are on a green lawn with trees in the background.

The sneak peek is ideal because you both will be looking your best. Your hair and makeup is still perfectly in place and gives you time to do any touch-ups before the ceremony. Including a sneak peek to your timeline also allows the photographers the opportunity to focus on capturing the reactions of some of the guests as the bride makes her way down the aisle during the ceremony, which is often missed because the focus is usually on the bride and groom’s expression and reactions to one another. Finally, the sneak peek is one of the best ways to eliminate and of the wedding day jitters. Since you already have the emotional part of seeing each other for the first time you are more relaxed and calm walking down the aisle and saying your vows.

Bride and groom standing on a patio overlooking a golf green. Groom is smiling at the bride, her back is to the camera.




Great tips. I am thinking about having a first look now.

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