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Megan & Niels' Wedding Day

April 16, 2022

Like so many couples during Covid, Megan & Niels' wedding day was postponed and they had to wait a couple years for their big day. Their beautiful wedding at Elmhurst Inn & Spa was worth the wait with their family and friends there without restrictions to celebrate!

Megan and Niels are standing outside, facing each other and kissing.

Megan is in her wedding dress and surrounded by her bridesmaids who are putting the finishing touches on the bride.

The mother of the bride is doing up the dress of the bride as she gets ready.

One black and white photo is of the groom holding a cigar, the other photo is of the groom and his groomsmen showing their watches to the camera.

The white wedding dress is hanging from a personalized "bride" hanger on the wall between two windows

One photo is a close up of the bride's rings on a flower from her bouquet, the other photo is of the bride's shoes heel to heel with her necklace hanging from the heels.

The groom is surrounded by his groomsmen and they are all smoking cigars.

One photo is of the bride in her wedding dress, sitting in a white chair in front of the window and leaning over to do up her shoes.  The other is a close up of her hands doing up the buckle on her shoe.

In the first photo the bride and groom are dancing under a black steel gazebo, and the other photo is of the groom standing behind the bride with his arms around her and whispering in her ear.

Megan and Niels are standing in front of the Elmhurst Inn & Spa, Ingersoll and holding on to Thank You signs and kissing.



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