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Katie & James' Wedding - Dark Horse Estate Winery

Updated: Jan 6, 2023

I’m so excited to share images from a wedding this past August that took place at Dark Horse Estate Winery, which was obviously the PERFECT location since the newlyweds had an intimate, romantic, and elegant wedding! So many beautiful moments on their special day, and I was glad to capture those moments for them.

I will never grow tired of vineyard weddings, especially when they’re done so impeccably like this one. Congratulations again on your wedding, Katie & James, may your years be filled with happiness

Katie & James are standing beside each other  in a vineyard and are wearing Bride & Groom face masks due to Covid-19 restrictions
Katie & James - Dark Horse Estate Winery

Katie getting ready and looking in the mirror

Mother of the bride is doing up the clasps on the bride's dress

The head table and other tables at the reception at Dark Horse Estate Winery, Grand Bend

Katie & James under the arch at the altar with the minister.

Bride holding her bouquet of white and purple calla lillies

James kisses his bride Katie on her forehead as Katie smiles
Katie & James - Dark Horse Estate Winery



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