• Lori Beneteau Photograpy

How to Choose A Wedding Color Scheme that Photographs Well

One of the first things you'll want to decide on when planning your wedding will be the colors you use throughout the day. From the ceremony, reception venue to the invitations and centerpieces, your whole wedding will be filled with colors. You want to make sure your colors not only go together but will also photograph well. Before you set your wedding colors in stone be sure to consider the following tips and suggestions for picking the perfect color scheme.

5 Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Color Scheme

1. Consider your venue.

Your venue can help inspire you to choose the perfect colors for your wedding day but it can also clash with colors you may have already chosen. If you already booked your venue be sure that your color scheme will pair well with the venue colors and settings. If you are still looking for a venue, keep in mind the colors you are considering and try to envision the colors in the space. Sometimes you might be faced with having to change the color scheme or change the venue.

2. Keep it simple

You might have five or more colors you'd like to include in the details of your wedding day but this can lead to a very busy setting and can overpower your wedding photos. Keep your color scheme to two to three colors that will help enhance the overall day and will make your images stand out even more.

3. Balance

Consider undertones and accent colors wisely. You may be thinking of using two bold colors as the feature colors of your wedding but this can be hard on the eyes both in person and in photographs. If you are set on using bright and bold colors be sure to balance them with muted tones or use one more then the other. Bold and bright colors can look chic and sophisticated and really capture attention in images but they need to be complimented and balanced.

4. Consider textures

Two colors may look stunning together when paired on flat surfaces, but what if one color is textured? You might want to change up your colors just slightly if you are going with a colored table runner, burlap, cotton, or even against a wood backdrop. Textures can help subdue overly bold colors and can also change the mood of the space.

5. Think of the tone and mood

Speaking of mood, you want to understand how your color scheme can affect the tone and mood of your wedding. Pastels can give off a more whimsical and romantic feel but bold colors can do the same as well. Be sure your color scheme will help enhance the mood you are trying to set so that it comes across in your décor and in your wedding day photos.