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Create Your Own Wedding Hashtag

A personalized way to organize your wedding photos on social media!

A hand holding a black letter board  with a hashtag and the word hashtag spelled out.

Ok, honestly - have you considered creating an exclusive wedding hashtag?

You totally should! It’s a fun and easy way to find all your photos, videos, mentions and memories of your engagement and wedding day on social media.

And it really isn’t hard!

Here’s a 5 tips on how to create your own wedding hashtag:

Step #1: Write out the details

Think last name, first names, location, venue, dates, even wedding theme if you have one.

Step #2: Play around with different combinations

Use some of the details from Step #1 to create a ton of personalized ideas.

Step #3: Check it’s a available

Type a few of your favorite ideas into Instagram or Facebook and see if anything comes up. You want to find something that no one else has.

Step #4 Share with your friends & family

Once you’ve found your unique hashtag, be sure to share it with your wedding guests and don’t forget to use it when sharing your own photos!

Step #5: Don’t forget your wedding vendors!

Give your wedding service providers a heads up; if they’re adding your wedding to their social media, most will happily add your personalized hashtag, too!

A bride and groom walking down a tree lined path holding hands.  The bride is in front leading the groom holding his hand and looking back at him.


  1. Don’t use words that are too hard to spell

  2. Capitalize the first letter of each word to make it easier to read!

  3. Add your wedding hashtag to invitations and wedding decor to gently remind your guests to share their photos of the day!

Happy Hashtagging!

A bride and groom facing each other with their faces almost touching and smiling at each other.  The bride is holding a pastel bouquest and the groom is in dress pants, white shirt and black suspenders.



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