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Classic Wedding Traditions…

…and how they came to be

Ever wonder how some of most classic wedding traditions started?

Us too!

A black and white photo of a close up of a bride's hands holding a hand written note of her wedding vows.

So we tracked down a few origin stories for you below:

Tying The Knot

"Tying the Knot" was known as “handfasting”, an ancient Celtic wedding tradition where the couple would tie their hands together using knots of cloth.

A close up of hands of two brides.  One bride is placing a ring on the other bride's finger and their hands are wrapped in a purple ribbon in a hand fasting ceremony or tying the knot.

Wedding Bells

Wedding bells are another ancient Celtic tradition, this time as a symbol of abundance and prosperity. The bell ringing was also supposed to ward off evil spirits.

A bride and groom sitting in an old convertable car with the top down and a "just married" hearts on the back of the car.

Decorating The Car

The tradition of decorating a couple’s “getaway car” seems to originate in France, where tying cans to the bumper is believed to be a French word (“charivari”) which means hullabaloo or commotion.

A photo of a ripped envelope with "to my love Erica" on the front and some lace from a wedding dress on the corner of the envelope.

Love Letters

One Icelandic tradition is for the couple to write letters expressing their love for each other the night before the ceremony. Sometimes the officiant and even the couple’s parents also write letters. These would then be sealed in a box to be opened on the couple’s first anniversary.

*Aw* That’s a keeper in our/my books!

A close up of a diamond ring sitting on the blue ribbon from the bride's bouquet.  There is a locket with a pressed blue flower in it on the bouquet.  "something borrowed, something blue"

Are you a hopeless romantic with dreams of classic wedding traditions for your big day? Or do you want to break the mold and create a trendy modern vibe?

Either way, we can capture all the moments of your day that make your special day absolutely breathtaking.

Get started by booking a chat with us!



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