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5 Simple Poses that Every Bride Should Try

Even though your wedding photographer will guide you every step of the way, it doesn’t hurt to know a few tricks yourself.

1. Place your hands on your hips. This is quite a common pose but it works wonders for your body. Extend one leg out in front of the other and place your corresponding hand on your hip. Slightly angle your body towards the camera for that slimming effect. It’s important to make it look natural though.

Beautiful bride wearing a wedding gown standing in a doorway leaning on the door knob.

2. Get to know your better side. Spend some time in front of the mirror and discover which side of your face is the better side. We all have one. Take a few selfies with your phone to see the results for yourself.

Beautiful bride standing in the window light holding her bouquet and lookind down an back over her shoulder.

3. Sitting pretty. How you sit makes a huge difference to your photos too. One of the best poses is when you cross your legs at the ankle. For an extra slimming effect, ever so slightly draw your arms and shoulders inwards.

Gorgeous bride in her wedding dress, sitting in a chair in the window light and holding her bouquet of flowers.

4. Lighting matters. Soft lights and natural lighting are the best for hiding any minor imperfections. Make sure that the room you’re getting ready in doesn’t have any harsh lighting and ensure that you won’t be sitting under any bright lights during the reception.

Stunning bride wearing a lace wedding dress sitting on the edge of the bed.  Her legs are crossed and she is putting on her garter.  Photo is in black and white.

5. Angles make a difference. When it comes to your portraits, the shots should always be taken at eye-level or from above. Low angles will give you that dreaded double chin effect so avoid taking photos at that level. If you would like to look taller in your photos, try and stay away from tall objects or very tall people, it really does make a huge difference.

Beautiful bride is sitting on the floor with her wedding dress spread around her.  She is looking up and the photo is taken from above.



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